Who we are

Fradealco S.A. is a private company founded in 1977 by its current president, Marcos Julio Fernandez. Its plants are located in the cities of Claypole and Burzaco, Party Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires. Argentinian republic.

In the beginning it was conceived with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing of medical and industrial alcohol use. Currently Fradealco S.A., is proud to lead the market in alcohol fractionation of Argentina. In recent years, our commitment and responsibility to the consuming public, has spread across our line of vinegars, alcohol, apple and wine and lemon juice.

Along with the manufacture of chemicals such as sulfur and manufacture of plastic containers leading industrial and commercial activities that are completed ventures Fradealco S.A.

Our effort oriented area of ​​research and development of new products, which contributes to economic growth and industry of Argentina, allows us to maintain a highly competitive position.

In Fradealco S.A. we are used to give the best of ourselves, under any circumstances following a course of action that prioritizes the highest ethical values.