Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy and Environmental Management Fradealco S.A. is what guides us towards an improvement in the process of providing our services and to guide us towards the absolute control of the waste collected and produced by our own activity, and we oriented in the future to carry out actions to make not only the least possible damage to nature, but as far as we can, encourage it.

To ensure compliance in all our actions with our Quality Policy and Environmental Management Directorate Fradealco S.A. It has established and implemented a Quality System and Environmental Management based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Requirements with guidance for use of the Quality Policy and Environmental Management Fradealco S.A. It is based on the following commitments:

Commitment to comply with all requirements, whether they are legal or others that are applicable to us because of our activity.

Commitment to carry out our work in a management environment that ensures continuous improvement in our processes, our methods of action and in our relationships with stakeholders, by establishing and regularly reviewing our quality objectives and our environmental goals.

Commitment to protect the environment and our environment through actions and measures aimed at preventing any contamination that might result from operations due to our activity.

Commitment to promote understanding and dissemination of our policy of quality and environmental management within our company and those working on behalf of.

Commitment to effectively control all our processes taking emphasis on:

Quality of our products. Efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Relationships with our customers.